Dance Form

Paso Doble:

Man - matador proud, strong.

Lady - cape


It is a character dance portraying the bull fight. Normally the man is the Matador and the lady is playing the part of the cape and occasionally they both portray Flamenco dancing.


Time signature:2/4 (2 beats to a bar of music)


Accent: There is a musical accent on the first beat of each bar, with a percussive accent on the fourth beat of each bar.


Beat value of each step: Count `1` - 1 beat.  
  Count `2` - 1 beat.  


Tempo:- 62 bars per minute (The speed at which the music is played). The tempo given is as required by British Dance Council for Championships.


There are two beats to a bar of music and normally one step is danced to each beat to the timing of etc. Paso Doble music can be played in 3/4 and 6/8 time. In 3/4 time one step is danced to each beat of music to the counts of etc., while in 6/8 time three counts are used for each step 123,456 etc. The steps are taken on the counts of 1 and 4.


Phrasing: - Most Paso Doble music written in 2/4 time is in two bar phrases (Count


It is desirable, and more pleasurable for each figure or group of movements to commence at the beginning of a musical phrase. This is achieved by choosing the correct following figure to suit the phrasing required, and by the limited use of figures such as Sur Place, Basic Movements and Chasses.