Dance Form

Jive: - Light, foot action dance.


Time signature: 4/4 (4 beats to a bar of music)


Accent:There is a musical accent on the first beat of each bar with a percussive accent on the second and fourth beat.


Tempo:44 bars per minute (The speed at which the music is played). The tempo given is as required by British Dance Council for Championships.

Stand with feet apart, facing partner about 15cms (6 inches) apart, with the hand erect, the body naturally upright and the shoulders down.


The Man`s right hand is placed on the Lady`s back, under her left shoulder blade and the Lady`s left arm rests lightly on his right arm following the curve of his arm to the shoulder. The Man`s left hand is raised in a gentle curve to the level of the shoulder. The Lady`s right hand is placed in the Man`s left hand with her fingers between his thumb and first finger. The hands are lightly clasped.

These refer to the Lady`s position in relation to the Man and should be started prior to giving Foot Positions or a description. Where necessary, for clarity, conference is made to a Body Position in the Foot Position column.