"Even I am doing a mambo (basic salsa step), today, itís just because of Peddro"
I was not quite fancy doing salsa in my early days of training. I started dancing at Peddro`s Salsateca (PDST), just as an social activity in early 2005. I started with salsa and then eventually added Latin American dance forms as well. I had a great time with the training with Peddro. He is quite technical with the steps and gives you the right mixture of guidance just to make sure that you enjoy while dancing. He did some exceptional hard work on my training and today, I know how hard it was for him.
I started teaching along with Peddro from early 2009 and was a part of a few corporate events and stage shows.
In Sept 2010, I moved to UK for my studies. It was not a best time for me to leave Salsateca.
I started teaching in early 2011 at University of Sheffield and it became my job. Later I started giving salsa and Bachata classes in Sheffield and Leeds during which nice time passed working with some great international artists Nicolai V, Mauricio Ryes, Helena Gardener, Nigel May, Uncle Phil etc...
I won the title of IDO rising star Bachata Championships and 2nd prize in The British Open Salsa Championship in April 2012 along with few trophies in UK for Latin Dance Forms. As a DJ, I went to various places in UK to spin the tunes and party hard.
I am currently associated with Isalsa, City Limits, Salsa with Soul, Bloo 88, Fuego Latino.
All the best wishes to the people at Salsateca. "Even if you do wrong, donít worry, but just make sure that you are enjoying the dance".



Teacher at iSalsa and DJ

I have been learning at Peddroís Salsateca for the past 2 years. PDST teaches you to express your feeling, your emotion through Dance. With due respect to all other institutes, I can proudly say that PDST maintains originality & authenticity and teaches various forms of dance under the guidance of Mr Peddro S. Kundu. I feel very grateful and honoured to be a student of Peddro Sir. Words will not be enough to explain his greatness and dedication of teaching. Thank you Sir for everything you did for us.


Dibyashree Maitra

Student, Seth Anandaram Jaipuria College

Teaching & Style - I have been taught a wide variety of activities from Para-jumping to rock-climbing and everything in between. Seldom have I found instructors so thorough in their knowledge, adept at teaching and still so patient. The persistence of the teachers is something I admire, who give individual focus on each students to bring coach each one to reach their high standards.


Class Environment - The class environment is very friendly and conducive for to learning. The element of peer learning, that one generally finds amiss in majority of activity classes is the one that is prominent in the classes. I can safely say I have learnt quite a bit from my classmates too. All in all, I have always been made to feel welcome, and there is a mixture of all age groups which is nice. Classes are flexible to meet schedule of everybody. I have found the instructions clear and easy to follow. I believe anybody planning to learn salsa in Kolkata should go for Peddro's Salsateca.


Arun Panda


I had never learned dancing and when I decided to learn salsa at 32, I was pretty sure I wouldn't last a month. But Peddro's Salsateca has had me hooked for nearly six months now and though I haven't become a dancer by any standards, I do enjoy my classes and have picked up quite a few salsa steps. That's because here, the dance is taught with all seriousness and great patience. Every detail is taken care of and every minute mistake corrected. It has been a very good experience for me, far beyond my expectations.


Urmi Mukherjee

Chief Copy Editor, The Times of India

Peddro sir is one of the best dance teachers I have been training under. I joined PDST to help my friend in Salsa, though I was born with two left feet. And I was hitched. I have been fortunate to learn dance under many teachers, but best part of PDST class is that each and every student is given individual attention. Not only Peddro Sir makes dance extremely easy, he also makes sure that principles of dance are instilled in all his students. Here salsa is taught along with shines and combos on pure authentic Latin songs. With Peddro Sir I also learned basics of Latin Dance Forms like Cha Cha Cha and Samba. Not to mention that he is certified to train from Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD), UK (only 6 professionals I could find in India under Latin category).


Gaurav Kapil

HR, Indian Oil Corporation Limited

Dance was something i couldnt resist to at any part of my life. Peddro sir actually gave me wings to fly which were lost somehow for quite a long time...It was the dedication and the passion of dear peddro sir towards dancing which eventually instilled the same into me...and i finally regained the lost rhythm and started dancing like never before...Not to mention the peaceful environment and one to one interaction with peddro sir helped me to gradually learn the bits and pieces of dancing one by one...It will be the greatest day of my life when i will be finally getting a chance to share a space (a small space) with Peddro sir on the stage performing LIVE in front of the audience


Smita Sarkar

Private firm Owner

Dance is your passion if you tap your feet to every little beat. but turning the passion into expression can only be achieved through inspiration. Peddro sir inspired me to feel liberated with every beat and rhythm of music.


Anindita Sarkar

HR, Aviva Life Insurance

My Mom and I have been learning Salsa from Peddro Sir for about Two years. I love dancing and Sir teaches really well. When I had joined it was completely new for me but after leaning from him I am in love with this Dance Form. I love going to classes and get very annoyed on the days my mom does not take me to classes. At PDST one can learn the original Latin American Dance Forms and not the remixed version of it.


Manaswini Ghatak

Student, Seventh Day Adventist Sr. Secondary School

I have been learning Salsa, Latin American and Contemporary Dancing with my daughter for about Two years from Peddro Sir who is highly qualified in various dance forms and teaches really well with a lot of patience. Contemporary has helped me in a lot of ways. My body flexibility has increased and Salsa has boosted my stamina and self esteem. PDST is an institute where all the Latin American Dance Forms are taught with authenticity. It sticks to the originality of Latin flavours, whether its Salsa or Cha Cha Cha or Jive or Samba or any other Latin American Dance Form.


Hindoli Ghatak

Home Maker

I am not into dancing profession but I love dancing and it is my passion. I have been learning Indian classical dance for 8 years. I am also fond of Latin American Dancing. So I decided to learn from the best. One of my friend who herself has been associated with this dance institute referred/suggested this institute. Since Day one, I liked each and every thing of this institute starting from the place, dance style, way of teaching, friends and teachers. Few key points of this institute which I would like to mention specifically are:-
1) Trainers have amazing style of teaching,
2) Starts from very basic and do not expect a newbie to be a dancer.
3) To teach a step is easy, but to find what is not being done correctly and correcting it, clearly distinguish the institute from others.
4) Teach with pure Latin American & Salsa tracks.
5) Its the Vivekananda Principle followed here : continuously practice a step until and after you have done it right.
4) All of the above itís a fun while stepping with rhythmic Latin American Music. Learning is completely fun filled activity.
I and my husband both are hooked to this institute for last 7 months and have plans to continue for long. Weekly 1 hour is an entertaining and learning time which we both enjoying very much. I recommend it to all those who has passion for dance, want to learn it in purest form and enjoy it.


Madhumita Baitalik & Ankur Purohit

Service Holder

Hi, this is Pankaj. I have joined Peddro's Salsateca a year back with zero experience in dance (zero means having no idea what is it). But Peddro Sir (choreographer) and Rony (Instructor) are amazing. The way they teach and guide itís difficult to get in any other institute. If you ask them to show any step 100 times they will show you 110 times. Their only request to the students, "please practice at home".
If anyone is interested in dance then do go for Peddro's Salsateca.


Pankaj Agarwal

Senior Executive (Service Delivery), Idea Cellular Ltd.

Dear Friends, I am Reena, a fashion designer in Susknit Exports Pvt Ltd a Garment Export House. I am basically from Varanasi. I had joined the PDST dance academy 2 years back and Iím learning hip-hop and salsa dance style. Right from my first class in the academy I was impressed by the environment of the class. All my dance partners are very friendly and helpful it seems as if we know each other from a long time. Our Sir Mr. Peddro S. Kundu is a wonderful person very soft helpful and a perfectionist. We all and our audience become speechless when we see him perform. I know it will take ages for us to dance like him but with his support we sure will one day dance like him with the hope and dreams I put an end to my introduction.


Reena Rena

Fashion Designer

I joined Peddroís Salsateca around one and a half years back. I really enjoy attending Peddro Sirís class; itís a complete entertainment. Every time he teaches some new steps, and composes excellent combinations. It is his sheer presence and elegance, which make the classes more entertaining and fascinating. Besides being an excellent teacher, he is also an elegant performer. Join his class if you want to chill out and relax yourself. Some things cannot be expressed in words fully; you have to experience it by yourself.


Ranit Biswas

Admin Executive, Royz Archcon Pvt. Ltd.

When an institute is driven by passion rather than business oriented professionalism, the end result turns out to be markedly different from other similar institutes. Peddroís Salsateca had a definite edge over others in terms of technique, execution, meticulous planning, and individual care. Each student is thoroughly monitored and guided through the technicalities of each step and movement, and encouraged to repeat till he/she achieves perfection.
I learnt Salsa at Peddroís Salsateca for 6 months after which my employment required me to be posted overseas. I turned a few heads when I was asked to dance a bit of salsa by a friendly restaurant chef in Caucedo, Dominican Republic. People there had a hard time accepting the fact that an Indian national was so familiar with a dance form indigenous to their part of the world, and were amazed that India had such a strong Latin dance culture. A lot of things bring people together, dance being one of them.
To anyone thinking about learning to dance at Peddroís Salsateca, Iíd say, just go for it. Even if you have never danced before (as was my case), youíll soon learn to derive immense joy from the experience.

Happy Dancing.


Anandaroop Dutta

Merchant Naval Officer